Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I consider myself a pretty decent tipper. It's rare for me to tip below 15-20% and the vast majority of the time it's 20% or more. Unless the service is so incredibly awful that I can't even justify at least 15%, then I will dip below...but I can probably count on one hand how many times that's happened.

I'm also totally a debit card girl and swipe for, literally, everything. It's rare for me to have cash, especially more than $20 at any given point in time. Because of this I've noticed all these new places that are putting tip lines on their credit card receipts as well as tip jars out. I am ALL about tipping someone who waits on me at a restaurant or brings my food out to me at a drive-in. These people check on you, refill your drinks, take food back if it's not cooked right and check with you throughout your meal. And those carhops will bring you food whether it's 72 degrees outside or 105 degrees...or 20 degrees like today! But, these places where I am standing at the cash register or sitting in the drive-thru...simply waiting on you to ring me up...really? Especially if I'm in a self-service type place (i.e. salad bar, fro-yo bar)

I was a cashier at a pool in high school...I didn't get tipped. I was a cashier when I worked at Home Depot...I didn't get tipped. I was a cashier at Express and Victoria's Secret...I didn't get tipped there either. And you know what, I didn't expect it either. If I, the customer, am doing all the leg-work, I just can't justify giving you 20% of my ticket.

Am I alone on this? Not to mention the fact that waitresses and carhops typically get paid just a few bucks an hour. If you're getting paid $8-10 an hour to ring up some sales behind a cash, I don't think so. So Starbucks, Java Dave's and all you fro-yo cashiers, stop giving me googly eyes and looking at me funny because I don't give you an extra $2 on my debit card receipt!


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  2. Yes everyone expects tips now a days and I never know what to do!



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