Friday, December 11, 2009

THIS Is What You Could Be Saving...

Remember when I talked about my step-dad's Christmas party? Well, that day we also played Dirty Santa. I love playing Dirty Santa, it is so fun and gets everyone all stirred up. The monetary limit on this game was $10. My step-dad threw two of these into the mix as two separate gifts.

They were the biggest hit EVER. Both rolls of quarters ended up being the first items to be frozen.

Last night was the Junior Hospitality Jingle Mingle and we, David and I, participated in that $20 Dirty Santa game. On Wednesday night we were talking over dinner trying to figure out WHAT to take. I know that's kind of waiting until the last minute, which I don't normally do, but hey, it happens. David joked about us just taking two rolls of quarters since the whole idea went over so well at the family Christmas party. Then...mid-salad David had an epiphany. He remembered a certain company's present commercial theme...

Needless to say, an idea was born. I went to Michael's to purchase the googly eyes that night. Then, yesterday on my lunch hour I went by the bank, withdrew $20 in ones and requested the blue money strap. This was the result and it was awesome.

I was a little worried that it wouldn't go over as well as David and I had hoped...but, no worries there. It was the first item frozen in the game. I would highly recommend making one of these if you have a Christmas party to attend that includes a Dirty Santa game. Heck, it might just be a funny way to give someone cash for Christmas rather than in a money envelope or as a check!

It was suuuuuper easy to make. I simply put two slightly skinner sheets of paper between each bill, just to make the stack thicker. Then, after strapping all the "money" together I took a small piece of cardboard and folded it in half to make the shape of an "L." (The package of googly eyes had a cardboard piece folded in half and stapled to the plastic bag containing the actual eyes...I used that piece of cardboard for this part.) After that, I taped the bottom of the "L" to the money strap and the front of the "L" to the two googly eyes. Ta da! Super easy and a crowd pleaser!

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