Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gordy's Devilled Eggs

We're having our agency-wide "Winter Holiday Party" this Friday at my work. No rumblings of Christmas around here, we're always politically correct. Never mind the Christmas trees in each division... Anyway! I am always one of two people in charge of devilled eggs on my dad's side of the family's get-togethers. The other person that gets to make these wonderful concoctions is my wonderful, family friend, Gordy. That's short for Gordonna. She has a fun, short-cut version and they're just as tasty. Me? I like to go the old-fashioned route and do it the hard way...with a little kick. I'll give you both recipes. But today, I'm just going to give you the one...Gordy's. Since I'll be making my version on Thursday you may...or may reading it on Friday. You'll just have to wait and see.

Gordy's recipe is much simpler than mine. And if this is the first time you've made devilled eggs, I would recommend her version. Why? Because I can't give you exact measurements on mine. I just mix and taste until it tastes right to me. The same goes for when I make guacamole and mashed potatoes. I have no clue how much garlic powder I put in my guacamole, nor do I know how much cream I put in my potatoes... But, I will give you the ingredients and some approximations...just not today...maybe Friday...for the eggs anyway.

For now...Eggs. These are ALL Gordy's instructions and ingredients. I do mine a little different as you will soon find out.


Be very quiet...

Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder...

This may not be the exact brand...

But this is Gordy's secret ingredient...

There's numerous brands that make this stuff and I'm not really sure it matters, as they all pretty much taste the same. If you look at the basic ingredients on each one, it's essentially mayonnaise and pickle relish.

You'll want to take a dozen eggs and put them in a pot full of water. Make sure all the eggs are completely submerged. Place the pot on the stove and set the burner to high. Watch pot, but not too closely as you know the ol' saying goes, "A watched pot never boils." Hahaha, I crack myself up.

ANYWAY! When the water is at a full boil, set a timer for TWO minutes. Once the eggs have boiled on high for two minutes, turn the heat off and cover. Let them sit for ten minutes.

Drain hot water and run cold water over the eggs. This will make it easy for you to crack the eggs easily and they will "come out perfectly every time." And I quote Gordy. I love her. She's my "third mom." Have I told you that I've known her since I was five when threw up in my dad's brand new truck from eating too many goodies at her house during a New Year's Eve party? Ahhhh, dad loves that story, by the way. But, I digress...

If you've never cracked boiled eggs before, just rap them against the counter or sink and peel the shell off. Throw the boiled eggs in a bowl. When you're finished, slice each one and put the whites on your serving tray after squeezing out the yolk into a separate bowl. After that, simply mix the sandwich spread with the yolks until the consistency is correct. Then, spoon the yummy mixture into the egg whites and sprinkle paprika on top. Ta da!

Easy peasy and a crowd pleaser!

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