Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Chuckle...

Do you ever see those personalized car tags that just make NO sense at all? I'm talking about the ones that state "ADN23DS" or "B4WNPKN" or "AN POWE." Huh? It doesn't matter how long you stare at their plate during the two minute stoplight, you can't figure it out. And sometimes they stick with you for more than just a stoplight, sometimes you think about them for a good 10-15 no avail.

Then, there are the cute ones that kinda make you smile. Like, I saw an ol' piece the other day that had the tag "PAID 4." LOL! There's one I see regularly on my way home from work that says, "PLAY2DAY." Cute. Then there's always the little sporty cars that have something like "SEE YA" or "KEEP UP" or something to that effect. An email forward that goes around from time to time is a pic of a divorcee woman's plate which states "WAS HIS." Ouch...but, funny. I also have a friend who loves to go to Vegas, her plate is "LUV2BET." I always thought it was cute.

Other personalized plates include sports affiliations (i.e. "SNRSFAN" or "OU FAN") or a person's name. A best friend of mine drives an SUV and her plate states a shorten version of her name and looks like "***SSUV" to denote it's her SUV.

I don't find anything wrong for the latter two types of plates, but if the plates are soooo personalized that only two people in the world will EVER know what it means...that's just kind of annoying. Inside jokes are funny, but not an extra $100 funny. Because, isn't that about how much extra you have to pay for a personalized plate?

I can't ever think of anything that I would put on a personalized plate, but I don't begrudge others if they really feel the need to put something up on theirs. I enjoy them when I see them (or not when they're the above listed type). But...every once in a while I see one that makes me really smile. Luckily, I had my phone by my side when I saw this one today on my lunch hour. I snagged a pic really fast. Simple, yet to the point. I laughed, hope you do too.

In case you can't says "ACARTAG." ::chuckle::

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