Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dave's Faves, Numero Uno

I was speaking with a friend the other day and she gave me a great idea. We were discussing how much I love to cook and she commented on how lucky David is to get to enjoy my cooking/baking experimentations. Well, I let her in on a little secret...David's not exactly thrilled every time I try a new recipe. He's always afraid of the outcome. And trust me, I'll probably only share the ones that end up being successes. Soooo, if I don't like it and he doesn't like it, you probably won't see me post about it. During my conversation with my friend a cute little saying, Dave's Faves, came up. I thought it was great idea and worthy of incorporating into my blog. So, from now on if a dish is one of "Dave's Faves" I will label it as such. Then, if you're looking for a "man-friendly" recipe, you'll be able to find one easily enough.

To start off this Dave's Faves segment I want to begin with a recipe he requests ALL THE TIME. This man cannot make it through the morning without breakfast and he is always asking me to make these muffins, Blueberry Coffee Cake Muffins. They're super easy for me to whip up on a Sunday night, plus the batch will last him the whole workweek. I saw this recipe on Barefoot Contessa one day and had to try them. These are deeeeeelish and the batter is perhaps even better. I always sneak a swipe of the bowl once I'm done and David always finishes off the rest. I know it's got raw eggs in it, but hey...doesn't this batter just look appealing?? Make them and just try to not sample the batter, I dare you.

One recommendation I will make, prepare only half the recipe unless you're planning on company. This is the entire batch in the oven...and I only made half the recipe. Just a suggestion. I know the recipe calls for 3 large eggs, but when I make a half batch I simply use 2 medium eggs. And follow Ina's recommendation as far as the ice cream scoop; they really do make a nice sized muffin that way. These are a little on the smaller size, but only because I used a medium cookie scoop on them.

And here is the finished product. I normally use the cupcake papers, but I was out this time. That's OK though, these turned out fine and taste the same as always! However, I would suggest using the papers in the future, otherwise the blueberries can fall out the bottom of the muffin when you get them out of the pan. This happened on a couple in this batch.

Happy muffin baking!

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