Friday, December 18, 2009

Devilled Eggs...My Way

Friday is finally here! Yay! This makes me soooo happy. Remember, earlier this week when I shared my friend's devilled egg recipe? I promised I would share my slightly more complicated recipe. And I'm going to follow through with my promise. My recipe isn't hard, but it's not as simple as Gordy's.

First I start out by putting a dozen eggs in a pot full of water. Make sure all the eggs are completely submerged and then throw them on the stove top. I always sprinkle a good amount of salt into the water. This helps the eggs to separate from the shell later. Set the fire to high and watch for when it comes to a rolling boil. Once it's so...set a timer for 10 minutes.

Once the eggs have boiled for 10 minutes, turn off the fire and let the pot sit for a minute or two. I'm not a big fan of pouring out the water and steaming my face, which is why I let it sit for a little bit.

At this point you'll want to grab your colander/strainer. Pour out the eggs and water into the colander. Set your faucet to cold water on low and start peeling your eggs. I hold the eggs under the water while I peel to help with the process. And I simply rap mine against my sink to get the peeling started.

Once all your eggs are peeled, slice them one by one and squeeze the egg white so the yolk dumps out into a separate bowl. Then arrange the egg whites in your serving dish.

Like my egg dish? Gordy bought it for me as a gift a few Christmases ago. Love it and it's the best egg dish I've got! Better than the Tupperware version.

Before I mix all the other ingredients into the yolk I like to mash the yolks with a fork. Then, I add in Miracle Whip, mustard, sweet pickle relish, paprika and pepper. I'm not super sure on the amounts, but I would guesstimate that I use about the same amount of Miracle Whip and relish, but half the amount of each of those would be the correct amount of mustard. And I use a good amount of paprika (probably a good 5-10 bangs on the bottom of the jar) and probably a teaspoon or so of pepper. The amounts in this picture are the exact amounts I used for the party additions were needed. Sometimes I have to add a little bit more of this or that to make it taste just right.

What most everyone likes about these eggs is that there's a "just right" mixture of sweet and tart. The pickles give a nice sweetness because I ALWAYS use sweet pickle relish, not the regular stuff. Plus, the mustard gives just enough tartness...but, not too much.

Then...for a surprising little extra.

This gives the eggs a nice, tiny crunch.

And most people can't place the flavor.

But, it is sooooo good.

It's one of those ingredients that's like white gravy or cheese-it makes everything taste better.


Well, I use bacon bits...the kind you put in a salad. But, not too much. Just enough for a crunch or two in each egg. Here's how much I added for today.

See? Not too much. You can't even see it when you mix it up!

Now, the egg yolk mixture is complete and just needs to be spooned into the egg whites. Some people squirt it through a tip. I don't have one and don't feel the need for it. These eggs taste just as good without the "prettiness" factor...and I'm not sure the pickle relish and bacon would fit through a tip...

After you've filled all the eggs whites, tap the back of the paprika jar some more...just enough to sprinkle a little over each egg.

Yum!! Can't wait to have one for lunch. OK, two...maybe three.

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