Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Priiiiitty Tree

Christmas trees are one of the funnest parts of this season. I love decorating my tree so that it looks just so. And I'll admit to being one of those people that moves the ornaments to and fro the first few days until it looks just right. I also set an automatic timer so that it's on in the morning when I get up, turns off when I leave for work, then back on again before I get home and then off again when it's bedtime. Maximizing lit tree time is imperative in my house. Recently, I've learned that I'm lucky in the pet department. My Lil Miss Molly has never displayed much interest in the tree and, if anything, appears indifferent to it. Maybe that's mostly a cat thing though...you know, the whole pawing at ornaments and shredding the branches. One of the many reasons why I love dogs. She does not like present wrapping though...which I love (I know, I'm weird). Molly figures that if you're stretched out on the floor then you should be petting her, right? So, she's known for sitting right in front of you...you know the spot I'm talking about...the spot you've cleared to roll out your paper and go to town. Yep, that's the spot.

Last year, when Christmas rolled around David and I had been dating for a few months and I was appalled to learn that he didn't have a Christmas tree. I know there are a lot of young adults that don't have Christmas trees because they "go home" for the season and figure that they'll just enjoy the tree that their parents put up. I was never one of these people; I love decorating too much. Yes, my little dinky tree isn't much compared to my mom's HUGE flocked tree, but it's mine and it makes me happy during the Christmas season. So, when I realized this about David, I immediately remedied it. We went to Michael's and spent money on a new tree, ornaments, garland, tree skirt and a star. I think it turned out quite nice. My main colors on my tree are red and silver, while David's are red and gold. Great minds think alike!

So, you're probably wondering why I'm bringing up Christmas trees. This isn't a book review, or something I baked/cooked or even a craft I've made. Well, there is a certain crafty tree I must share. It's gorgeous, although unconventional. And I'm beginning to think this might be the start of a trend here in my office. You see, this mini tree was created by a lady in my office, Sandie, and it was preceeded by another one last year. A purple one. Completely purple. But, this year...how cute is this?

Apparently after last year's purple tree, Sandie had aspirations for a red, white and black tree. This tree is completely white (kind of that retro look from the 60s). Then, she purchased some black Halloween tinsel in the clearance bin this year. After ripping off the skeletons and such attached, she had the perfect tinsel for her tree. There's a scattering of white and black ornaments, but the red lights and birds really set the mood for this tree. For the leftover lights and tinsel, there's a makeshift tree skirt at the bottom. Like I said before, gorgeous. So, Sandie, whatcha got in mind for next year?

I hope everyone is enjoying all the conventional and unconventional Christmas decorations that others are sharing. This weekend I'll be looking forward to visiting the Chickasha light show. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and has received acclaim across the country for its magnificence...and rightly so! Unfortunately, David doesn't have the patience for this sort of thing. If it's not something he's "in" to his attention span is about ... ... ... that long. Isn't that a guy thing? However, I was able to get his parents to go with us last year (without telling David about how long it usually takes) and they've requested to go again this year. Yay! Wish me luck in the crankiness department when drive down there!

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  1. Haha, cute!
    Confession: I've NEVER had a Christmas tree too...never decorated one, either!



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