Thursday, January 7, 2010

Veggies Are My Friend

David and I currently have an agreement.  Well, I'm not sure you could call it an agreement, more of an edict from me.  This edict states that I will not cook in his house until it is "our" house.  I just got too tired of keeping two kitchens stocked and not having enough utensils for use at his house.  No garlic press, no get the idea.  Typical bachelor pad.  Currently, we eat at each other's house in an even-Steven schedule.  He really does not like this existing situation and it might be part of the reason why I got my ring.  I don't think two months passed between my edict and receipt of the ring.  Haha, apparently he really likes my cooking! 

Earlier this week David purchased some steaks to grill out.  On Tuesday, I talked to David after work (like always) and he asked that I stop on my way to his house and pick up a beans specifically.  When I stopped there were some red bell peppers on bell pepper...tasty.  So, I purchased a particularly bright red, ripe and shiny one.  When I showed up at David's he just looked at me with a blank expression.  He had nooooo clue how to roast a bell pepper.  I believe my exact words were, "You don't know how to sliced a bell pepper and throw it into a skillet?"  He shook his head. ::sigh::  Men.  So, he was in charge of the grilling the steaks and steaming the green beans.  In the meantime, I sliced the pepper and grilled it.

All I did was slice the pepper lengthwise, heat up a little bit of olive oil in the skillet, then sprinkle my favorite seasoning on top (just a tad).  Do you remember my favorite seasoning?

This is what the peppers looked like grilling.

Mmmmmm...don't they look delish? 

After the steaks were ready and the beans were steamed, I slid half the peppers on my plate and half on David's.  I mixed them with the beans on the plates.  David was not super excited with this endeavor...I believe his exact words were, "Whoa...I don't need that much."  I told him that if he didn't eat all of his peppers that I would.  He gets very skittish around anything that's not a) broccoli b) green beans or c) corn.  But, do you know how much of his peppers I ate?  None.  He loved them!

Just a quick, easy and yummy addition to our meal.  Try it if you're pressed for time or simply want more than just some plain ol' green beans.  Which, by the way, beans and pepper went perfectly together!

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