Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Doesn't this chocolate cake look good?  Cake is one of those things in life that makes eeeeeeeverything better.  Or at least I like to think so. 

Isn't it funny how, in a workplace, that you won't see some of the other employees for days, weeks or even maybe a month or so...but then, someone has a birthday...or retires...or has a baby...and see the masses come'a runnin'!!  Everyone's chitty chatty with a jovial attitude while they're smacking their lips and licking their forks.  All because of cake.  Cake, cake, cake.

Have I mentioned that I hosted a birthday party this past weekend?  It was one of my greeaaaaaaat friend's birthday and we had her party at my house.  And I was in charge of the cake.  Sooooo...I decided this was as good a time as any to try THIS cake.  This thing is divine.  I am so glad that I sent most of it home with the birthday girl and another friend.  They have husbands and children that could eat this cake.  Otherwise, it was just going to sit around on my counter all week with only lil' ol' me to pick at it.  Yea, right.  I'd eat the whole darn thing, who am I kidding?  And have I mentioned that I'm trying to lose a little weight for the wedding?  Yea, not a good idea.  So, I just left myself three pieces, the above picture being one of them.  Yum.  Try it.  'Tis good.  Very, very, very good.

Also, another little wedding update. I got my dress this weekend. Yay for me! Also, starting today I've made appointments with two different bakeries to taste cakes, look at pictures and talk price with the cake baker.  Everything is starting to come together quite nicely!  Dum dum da dum!


  1. You must watch this on you tube!!!

    I love it!

  2. try this link instead...the other one was really crappy...

  3. Yes! I've seen this before and I LOVE it! It cracks me up so much that my eyes tear up!



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