Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm A Little Obsessive Compulsive...But, At Least I Admit It

I'm one of those people that color-codes, tabs and micro-organizes everything.  So, yea, you could call me a little obsessive compulsive.  Not to a point that I can't function in normal life, but enough that it makes people laugh sometimes.

Luckily, my matron of honor knows about my "issues" and accepts me despite this.  She's has some obsessive compulsive issues too...about cleaning...but, that's another discussion entirely.  We like to joke in our little group of friends about how she likes the lines in her carpet from her vacuum cleaner.  Haha, I love her.  I wish I was that clean...really, I do!

Regardless, this past Saturday when we went wedding chapel shopping she showed up on my doorstep bright and early...bearing a gift.  An awesome gift.  An obsessive compulsive person's dream.  This is what it was:

A wedding organizer.  Susan scoured the web to find the wedding organizer that had the best reviews and was the most tabbed and preparation-friendly.  Have I mentioned that I love her?

This thing has not left my side; I'm fiddling with it constantly.  Between finding a photographer, looking up bouquets (and printing pics), scouring for DJs, looking up cakes (and printing pics)...this thing has come in SOOOO stinkin' handy! 

Alrighty...that is all for now...just wanted to let you know that this thing is permanently attached to my person right now!

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