Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Things Happen

There are certain things in life that are unexplainable.  Some big.  Some small.  In the grand scheme of things, this one is pretty small.  But, it is rather irritating.  Especially since there's this big thing called an ice/snow storm headed our way within the next 24 hours.  When David got home from the field last week he decided to make himself one of his standard "man meals."  These are meals that are quick and easy for him to make that he loves.  These meals usually consist of chicken strips, brautwurst (which he calls "heaven on a bun") or frozen pizza.  Is anyone surprised that a man makes these regularly while living in his bachelor pad?  Me neither.  Anyway!  While his chicken strips were in the oven baking he was happily watching TV...sports, I'm sure.  Then... ::snap, crack, BOOM:: ...David got up to investigate and found this in the kitchen. 

Nice, huh?  Apparently this is a relatively common problem with GE least that's what David discovered after looking up this issue on the internet.  Though, the repairman that came out yesterday said he has rarely seen this... ::sigh::  We'll be looking forward to this glass coming in next week...too bad it couldn't be fixed before Ice/Snow Storm 2010 here in Oklahoma City!  Looks like it'll be all stovetop and microwaveable meals for us...that is unless David feels adventuresome enough to bust out the grill on the patio.  At least he did purchase a you know where'll I'll be if and when the power goes out!



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