Monday, January 25, 2010

A Little Bit of Nostalgia...Providing a Future Book Review

Last night David and I were updating our Netflix que.  We have the option of either having movies sent to us via snail mail or having them synced over the internet to his Blue-ray player.  What we have discovered is that the movies you can que immediately over the internet are NOT usually the new releases and blockbusters that everyone wants to see.  Well, last night I decided to just browse the options and we found quite a few oldies, but goodies. 

This movie, Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken, I have not seen since I was probably 13 years old.  My mom actually forbid me from renting this from our local video store around that time period because I had seen it so many times that she didn't want to pay to rent it again.  I think we've all gone through that stage with one movie or another.  Heck, David and I watched The Hangover three nights in a row a couple weeks ago.

Do you ever watch movies from your childhood and have a completely different reaction?  After watching them you say to yourself, "What in the world was I thinking?"  Obviously, there are classics that you love as a child and as an adult...i.e. Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Top Gun, Dirty Dancing, etc...but, then there are always ones that you watch as an adult and can't even make it thirty minutes into.  This is NOT one of those movies.  I loved it just as much last night as I did as a little girl.  I will say there were some rather hokey/corny parts, but hey, it's a Disney movie!  David made the comment that it is suuuuuch a girl movie and not only that, one with the target audience of 12 or 13 year old girls.  OK, I'll give him that.  But, I will also mention that when the movie was over, he did say that he enjoyed it.  So ha!

One thing that I didn't realize when I watched this movie the first 537 times was that it is actually the true life story of Sonora Webster-Carver.  That's probably because, as a 12 year old girl, I wasn't interested in reading those first few lines of the movie like most adults do.  Ahem...anyway!  If you are interested in seeing this movie I would suggest NOT googling (or clicking the link I've provided above regarding) Sonora Webster or the movie.  There are a couple unexpected plot twists in the movie and if you read about her...well, you'll know what they are before you even hit the play button on your remote.  Needless to say, this movie is about a girl whose wild heart cannot be broken by any obstacles that come in her way.  And one of them is LIFE-CHANGING.  I've cried every time I've watched this movie and last night was no exception, but don't worry...there's a happy ending, just like in all Disney movies!

Because this movie was based on a true story I decided to google Sonora Webster-Carver last night after the movie.  Wow, was I surprised to learn that Mrs. Carver was not happy with how the movie portrays her life!  Apparently, there's only three items of truth in the movie...only one of which I can share without revealing what I've tried so hard not to share above.  That one item is that she rode diving horses.  Needless to say, I've added this book, A Girl and Five Brave Horses, to my to-read list!  Hopefully, I will enjoy the TRUE autobiographical story as much as I have enjoyed the Disney-ized version all these years!  Be on the look-out for a review of this autobiography...and BTW doesn't this fit nicely into my non-fiction section of my reading rotation?  I always thought that would be the hardest part for me, but it's turning into the easiest right now!


  1. I absolutely love that movie and I watched it over and over again too! I think one of my favorites is Savannah Smiles. It is an oldie, but I loved it as a kid.

  2. Hi I made my way over through Tater Tots and Firehoses! I love reading blogs of others in the OKC area! I just have to say that I thought I was the only one that loved Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken!!! I was a horse fanatic when I was younger and this was my all time favorite movies. Yeah for someone else knowing what it is and loving it too!



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