Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap-Up and Girl, Interrupted

Happy Monday all!  I had a super fun weekend.  This past Friday was supposed to be book club, but my girls are so awesome that a few months back we decided to do book club up here in Tulsa at my house.  Four of my favorite ladies drove up on Friday and we had a totally fun sleepover.  Lots of gabbing, good food and a little wine.  Then, Saturday morning two more book clubbers came (with their newbie babies, so cute!) and we officially held book club. 

I really enjoyed it because I love to host people and you know I made some tasty treats for my girls!  Friday night I made my favorite rib recipe, for that recipe simply click here.  Then, Saturday morning I made a couple Pioneer Woman recipes.  The first was an old standby that I love, her cinnamon rolls.  For her recipe, including step-by-step pictures, you can simply click here.  The second brunch-type item I prepared was a new-to-me PW that I'd been holding on to for such an occasion: Make-Ahead Muffin Melts.  These were delicious and a big hit, I'd highly recommend them!  For that recipe on the Pioneer Woman website, simply click here.

OK, so would you like to hear about one of the books I reviewed on Saturday morning?  Here ya go!

Did you know that this movie...

was originally a book?

Yea, me neither!  So, when one of my book club gals brought it one month, I totally snatched it up! 

This book is the true life story of Susanna Kaysen from when she spent two years in a ward for teenage girls at McLean Hospital.  The book includes copies of a lot of Kaysen's medical charts as well as her commentary of what happened while she was committed. 

If you've seen the movie, it pretty well encompasses this entire book.  I have to say though, that if I hadn't seen the movie first, I might have been a little lost.  A lot of times Kaysen's writing is disjointed and doesn't always follow chronologically.  What's funny is that the last two chapters included Kaysen's commentary of life after being released and how she feels about the whole process now.  She's much more clear and concise in these two chapters.  It's almost as if another person wrote these chapters.

This book was fascinating to me, partly because I never knew this was a true story.  It's a quick and easy read and I'd recommend it if you're into this sort of thing.

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  1. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our time at your house! You were such a fantastic hostess!



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