Monday, May 6, 2013

Wildflower Hill

Sometimes you pick up a book because it's on one of those lists that says, "If you liked (fill in the blank) book, then you'll love this one!"  This book, Wildflower Hill, falls into the category of Kate Morton comparison.  In fact, if you look closely at the review at the top of the cover pictured above, you can read that it's a positive commentary about Wildflower Hill from Kate Morton herself.

This book definitely follows Morton's style, in that it tells the story of a grandmother (Beattie) and granddaughter's (Emma) relationship.  Emma comes home to Australia at the beginning of the novel because she's taken a nasty fall, ending her career as a prima ballerina...when she was already truly at the end of her career, being in her early 30s.  She discovers upon her arrival that her grandmother, who died a few years back, left her an inheritance of Wildflower Hill (an old estate).  But, she was not able to learn about this inheritance or collect until she was well and truly "retired" from being a ballerina.

Emma sets to work cleaning up the homestead, in an attempt to sell it quickly and pocket the cash.  What she discovers instead is a mystery surrounding Beattie's past that Emma is intrigued to learn.  How did her grandmother truly come to own Wildflower Hill?  And did Beattie have a secret past that no one in the family ever knew about?

I really enjoyed this Kate Morton-esque novel, though Kimberly Freeman definitely has her own distinctive writing style.  And as always, I love reading a book that takes place in an Australian setting.  There's something fascinating about Australia to me, I'm not sure what it is.  I would definitely recommend this one.

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