Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Friday!

 I hope everyone has had a fantastic week thus far.  Here's a funny that I saw this week on Pinterest, and I think pretty well sums up social media (blogs included)!

This past week David harvested our carrots, let me tell you...we weren't expecting a crop this good! 

So, for the past week I've been trying to figure out what to make with all of these carrots.  I started out making one of my favorite meals, sausage risotto.  FYI, I don't add the broccolini anymore.  To make it a bigger veggie ratio I usually just up the tomato or carrot amounts.  So good.

In addition to the risotto, I loooove this recipe and am planning on making it really soon.  David calls them my alcoholic carrots, haha!  If you like cooked carrots as a delicious side, you must try these!

I just made some carrot cupcakes (new recipe, I'll let you guys know how it works out!) and then I shredded some extra carrots so that I can make some carrot cake pancakes in the morning (double yum!).

Will you look at these two faces?  I know neither are my little Molly, but these are two super sweet girls.  My parent's westie, Lacy, loves me best (seriously, she does, just ask my parents) and I got the pleasure of dog sitting for one of my besties.  Though, it would appear Penny doesn't like it when I try to read, haha!

Here's another random funny for you this week that soooo describes me...

And this last piece is just a little reminder to myself.  I got some news this week that I've been looking for and needing for a while.  And while the result was not in my original "plan," I sometimes need that reminder that God's plans are better than anything I could possibly dream up!

Have a fantastic weekend all!

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