Monday, July 22, 2013

The Wednesday Letters

I hope everyone is currently having a splendid beginning to their week.  This past Friday was my book club's monthly gathering and we had a fantastic meeting.  One of the books I discussed and passed along on Friday was this one, The Wednesday Letters.  I had remembered my friend, Becky, reading this a while back and thinking it was really good.  Then, at one of the local library's book sales up here in Tulsa I picked up a copy for a steal.  Love it when that happens.

The premise of The Wednesday Letters is that there is an elderly couple, who owns a bed and breakfast, that happen to die on the same night while in their bedroom.  Once they are discovered two of the children come immediately and also proceed to contact the last sibling, a brother who has been estranged for the past few years.  There's an interesting reason for his estrangement that plays well into this plot... 

Before the three can come to terms with their parents' deaths they find a vast store of letters.  Letters and letters and letters everywhere in boxes after boxes.  What the three come to find out is that starting on their wedding night, the husband/father had written to his wife/their mother every single Wednesday for the duration of their marriage.  Some of the letters were sweet, some without much to report, some just scribbled on a napkin.

What the three children don't expect is that there is a huge family secret hidden within these letters.  And the revelation torments the three, but especially one particular sibling.  The rest of the book tidies up the loose ends nicely and even fixes that pesky estrangement problem for the lost brother. 

This one is a fast and easy read, making you feel good while not generally taxing your brain.  An excellent summer read and even a palate cleanser, if you will. 

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