Thursday, July 11, 2013

Closet Clean-up

Do you remember when I did this?

I blogged about how I wanted to clean up our closet and purge any superfluous items...which, when you have a pack-rat husband that can be challenging.

Honestly, David and I have both found ourselves wearing items simply so they could be laundered and rehung up the "right" way.  But, at least in my case, I found that when I was wearing something like this I decided there was a definitive reason I didn't wear it that often...hence, it got thrown in the donate pile after being laundered. 

I can proudly say that after summer began and we thinned out the winter clothes that didn't get worn, we have a bit more closet space available and quite a few more hangers.

Molly's pretty impressed with the donation bags.

Now, we'll just have to do it all over again at the end of summer.

Jury's still out on whether or not I'll do this again next year since the main purpose is currently being served (more space and hangers!).


  1. Very exciting! Now you have room to buy new stuff!

    1. Haha, true! But, sometimes buying new stuff is the problem!



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