Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich

This book is definitely not one that you will feel warm and fuzzies at the conclusion of, for sure.  The reason I picked up The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich is because it was one of my best friend's favorite book.  I mentioned Tom's passing when it happened, almost a year ago.  It still doesn't feel quite real, but yet I know that it is.

Because this book is ginormous and I knew it was going to be dry, I was ecstatic to see it available in audiobook form via my local library's app.  I listened through all 57+ hours and I wasn't really all that surprised by the content, simply because Tom had talked to me about it before...many times.  It's dry.  Very.  Only if you're a history buff or just really wanting to read it, will you get through.  I will say that listening to it helped tremendously; I'm not sure I would have made it through had I read it like an everyday book.

There are definitely some interesting tidbits within this book...for instance, did you know that Hitler was in love with his niece?  Creep-o factor at a 10!  He was a very stealthy, tricky, smart person...but, he was also what I would call very evil.  I'm pretty sure most of the world would agree with that.  But, regardless...this book isn't just about Hitler.  It surrounds the entire third reich.  I learned a lot and I'm, for sure, glad that I read it.  However, I won't be picking it up again any time soon...if ever, really.  If you're really interested in this stuff I might recommend it, otherwise not.  For a lot of this book, it's like reading a textbook.  And once we get out of school/college, who wants to do that anymore?

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