Friday, July 6, 2012

Hello and Good-bye

This has been a hard week on me, which is why I haven't blogged since Monday.  I found out Tuesday morning that my former boss, mentor and wonderful friend passed away.  It wasn't a great surprise, but at the same time I don't think you can ever be ready for something like that.  Tom was my lunch buddy for years; man, that guy loved his food.  He'd probably be disappointed to see that my normal lunch around here is usually this...

A delicious salad with greens, poppy seed dressing, carrots, dried cherries, chopped tomato (fresh from our garden), boiled egg, sunflower seeds and a chopped avocado.  If I don't have leftovers from the previous night's dinner...this is what adorns my lunch plate 98% of the time. 

Tom would have liked something more along the lines of BBQ ribs, chicken-fried steak or pork tamales.  I ate well when I worked for that man, let me tell you.  And when I wasn't any longer, I always made a point to eat with him for lunch when I was in town visiting.  Life won't quite be the same without his email and telephone exchanges.  But, I know he's in a better place and I'd rather remember the fun times we shared rather than dwell on his last few painful months.

Now, what Tom would have approved of is this delicious ice cream dessert that Liz and I made while she was visiting.  Which, also happens to be the last item we made together that I was wanting to share on here.

Though Tom wasn't a huge sweets eater, I'd like to think that he would have really enjoyed this.  It's super easy and super delicious, though very rich.  I clipped this recipe out of my Food Network magazine from a Philadelphia Cream Cheese ad.  If you'd like the recipe, simply click here.  You won't regret it, promise!

I hope you have a blessed weekend and I'll be saying hello again soon!  Just like Tom will be some day!

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  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. :( That desert recipe looks so yummy!!



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