Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Bunch of Blueberries

Before we get going, I just want to announce that today is a very exciting and happy day for David and I.  As it's our two year wedding anniversary, I wanted to share one of my favorite funny wedding pictures of us.  This is one of those silly poses and we were, literally, laughing through it!  I love my hubby and we've been so blessed thus far in our marriage!

Now, back to business.  Ahem.  Blueberries are fully in season right now and I took advantage of this and purchased a ton!  Blueberries are a favorite around this house, so I thought I'd make some old favorite recipes along with some new.  Via Pinterest, I decided to give this healthy snack a try...

The recipe consists solely of blueberries covered in Greek yogurt with honey, then you freeze 'em.  You can buy the already flavored yogurt, but I just bought the regular kind and added local honey since I had another recipe I wanted to try with Greek yogurt sans the honey flavor.  Also, when you have allergies like I do, incorporating local honey is a must.  Here was my layout.

And here's what my waxed paper-covered cookie sheet looked like when I had coated all my blueberries and they were ready to be frozen.

And post-frozen...


And the verdict?  They're pretty good, but not an absolute favorite.  Because it's such an easy "recipe" I'll probably be making them again.  However, they won't be an all-the-time must-have around this household.  And forget about it with David, he hates yogurt as a general rule!

My next blueberry pin was this one.

Here's what mine looked like going together.

And here's the delicious final product.

I really enjoyed these.  David, eh, not so much.  If you would like the recipe, simply click on the original pin and it'll take you there.  I actually only used 8 oz. of cream cheese and added 8 oz. of Greek yogurt to semi health-ify this dessert...hence, the Greek yogurt comment listed in the first recipe.  It turned out great, but you're welcome to try the original or my adaption.  Either way, it's an excellent way to enjoy fresh blueberries!

Now, I want you to know that I have officially saved the best for last.  This next recipe I got out of my Food Network magazine and it is to-die-for.  Blueberry-Poppy Seed Loaves.  Seriously, print this recipe and try it out...now.

I didn't have mini loaf pans (shocker, I know) so I made one regular-sized loaf and some muffins, just to give this recipe a go.  This recipe works well for both of these alternatives as well as for the original mini loaf suggestion.  And yes, I went out and bought mini loaf pans as soon as I knew this recipe was a winner.  Here's what mine looked like coming together...

Let me just say, that because of what I think is the key ingredient: almond extract, this recipe makes your kitchen smell divine.  Here's everything halfway through the baking process.  I was also baking two banana bread loaves while these were in there.  Do you ever get in baking moods and just make a whole ton of stuff?  I do...every time.  It's almost physically impossible for me to bake one thing at a time.

These turned out beautifully...and deliciously.  If you don't believe me, just take a look at these pics...

Heaven.  These are definitely a new Dave's Fave, in case you were wondering.  Again, print this recipe and try it soon.  Simply click here to do so!

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