Monday, July 23, 2012

Homer's Odyssey

Because it's summer and there is just so much to do, places to go and people to visit, I feel like my reading has really lapsed.  With that being said, I do want to update you on my most recent read.  Homer's Odyssey had been on my to-read list for what seems like forever.  My friend, Nicole, originally reviewed this true story way back when and absolutely loved it.  We're both big animal people, so needless to say I immediately jotted it down for a future read.  I'm currently trying to read stuff on my to-read list that's been on there the longest...haha, that's a bit of a joke in some respects.  But anyway...

The gist of this story is that a tiny, sickly, two-week-old kitten is found by a couple who immediately take it in to the nearest vet to be euthanized simply to end his suffering.  The vet does a quick examination and she quickly realizes that the only thing wrong with the poor little guy is an eye infection.  Because he is only two weeks old, and therefore has never opened his eyes, the vet informs the couple that she could simply remove his eyes and he would be able to live a full, healthy life albeit as a blind cat.  After a quick glance at each other, the couple rejects this idea and decides to simply leave the kitten with the vet, so that she can figure out what to do with him.  This vet goes ahead with the surgery, removes his eyes and stitches his lids closed so that he will forever appear to have his eyes closed.

After the procedure, the vet spends a lot of time on the phone...going down her list of people that have displayed interest in animals that come into the office needing a home.  No one is interested in the blind kitten.  She even had a special list of individuals that expressed a desire to adopt an animal with "special needs."  None of them are interested either.  So, what to do? 

Eventually, the vet calls Gwen Cooper, an excellent customer who is a young philanthropic women that already has two cats.  The vet knows Gwen has a soft heart, but Gwen only agrees to come look at the poor little kitten, qualifying that she probably won't be able to adopt the little guy.

I think you know how this story goes...of course, Gwen immediately falls in love with the little kitten and informs the vet she will pick him up when he's medically ready to leave the vet hospital.  The rest of this book is the adventures and escapades of Homer, the blind kitten's new name, and Gwen along with her two other cats. 

Homer is special in more ways than I can relay in this blog post.  You will laugh out loud with this book and also feel all fuzzy inside for this sweet animal.  I have to say, my favorite part is when Gwen explains how Homer discovers rubber bands and how she has to "make" him an empty tissue box guitar with rubber bands.  And the way he acts when a rubber band breaks from said guitar...h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s.  Seriously.

I love to read about all animals, but especially when I read about cats I feel kinda bummed that I can't have one.  Unfortunately, I'm allergic and can only be around them for short periods of time.  This is hard for an animal lover like me, but I've resigned myself to the fact that it will simply never be.  Instead, I enjoy my friends' cats (in small doses) and will continue to enjoy reading books about extraordinary cats.

Before I close with this review, I also would like to add that this book does not include Homer dying in the end.  That's always the worst part about animal books to me, and I appreciate that this book does not close with that end of life message.  Gwen Cooper's purpose in writing this book is to display how Homer taught her to love and how she found the man she is currently married to (with her 3 cats).  And once she is married at the end, the couple and 3 cats kinda live happily ever after.  I appreciate that and really enjoyed the theme.

I would definitely recommend this book, especially if you're looking for something short and sweet with a few good belly laughs throughout.

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  1. I am glad you like it, I sure do love Homer...the book and the cat!



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