Thursday, June 27, 2013

Harvest Time!

This has been a pretty eventful week! It's wheat harvest time for anyone who might wonder about the pictures below. Before I married David, I guess you could say I was blissfully unaware of anything having to do with harvesting of crops/grains. Now, we can't drive down a highway without him quizzing me on what the various crops growing on the sides of the road happen to be. I've learned a lot, I guess you could say!

I will say that there are parts of harvest that are pretty. The fields waving in the wind can be very calming. Though, when it's time to cut...those are looooong days for the men on the farm!

While the men are out in the fields, you can't overlook what the women are doing. The farm still has to run, even during this time. That includes cooking, cleaning, watering the garden, feeding the animals, etc., etc. 

Here's a pic of the delicious enchiladas that my mother-in-law and I made on one of the first days. Donna was trying to figure out how to use up the meat in a roast, so I suggested shredded beef enchiladas. And because we were out (and town isn't super close) we made our own enchilada sauce and tortillas! They were delish!

We also made a few desserts. And my mother-in-law made her famous cinnamon rolls. So good!

Of course, one of my favorite things about this visit was the newest member of the farm! My in-laws have always had cats for the barn; they need those mousers! And when their old cat passed a while back, they decided to wait a while to get another (or 3). 

They recently received a momma cat and her two babies. Only one of the babies has been sociable and they're not even sure if the momma has hung around, we haven't seen hide nor hair of her. However, here are some cutie patootie pics of the sociable little kitten. She's suuuuper sweet and loves to play, be held and petted. 

And I can't not include the Ferg. Fergie is, quite possibly, the best farm dog ever. Love her. 

And you know Molly got to venture out to the field some too! My mother-in-law and I arranged it so that each dog got to go every other field meal delivery. 

While harvest isn't completely over, David and I will have to reacquaint ourselves with our regular everday lives again tomorrow. David's worked hard and I've enjoyed helping my mother-in-law this past week. But, it's back to normality again soon!

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  1. Great post! It's an experience that few people get.



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