Monday, June 3, 2013


OK, so yesterday my mom and I went to a book store. And you know what my mom said while the cashier was ringing me up?  She muttered, "Bookaholic.  You're a bookaholic."  Granted, I was buying 5 books, but two of them were clearance books that were only $1!  So, that's how I rationalize it.  Plus, I the way I feel about it can be summed up in one statement (which was my retort to my mother), "There are a lot worse things I could be addicted to."  So, with that being said...why don't we start out this Monday with a book review? 

My friend, Becky, was listening to this audiobook, Revolution, on the library app and when she was about a third of the way through it she told me I needed to start it.  So I did.

The premise of this YA novel surrounds the lives of two young women who live two centuries apart.  Andi lives in present day New York and her family is struggling with the death of her younger brother, Truman.  When Andi starts to fail her studies, her father decides to whisk her off to Paris in order to keep a better eye on her.  While in Paris, Andi comes across the diary of a similarly-aged young girl, Alexandrine, during the French Revolution.  As Andi reads about Alexandrine's past you begin to see a strong parallel in the two women's lives. 

There's a not all-together unsurprising twist in the end that rounds out the two stories quite nicely.  I enjoyed this book and give it a strong 3 out of 5 stars.  If I'd been better able to relate to one or both of the main characters I might have given it a higher rating, but there were times when I struggled with empathy simply because Andi can be a little bit of a Debbie Downer.  I'm so glad that this book turns out the way it does though, I felt fully satisfied with the ending and am glad that Andi is in a better mental and physical state in the end. 

Also, the accents with this audiobook are phenomenal.  If you're going to pick up this one, I'd highly recommend reading this book in audio format.  It definitely adds a little somethin'-somethin' to the story.

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