Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Elephants Can Remember

Remember how I got a ton of books (especially Agatha Christie) from my great-great aunt's house a little over a year ago?  Well, this is one of them!

Elephants Can Remember is, as you might be able to guess, the story of a cold case.  A middle-aged, slightly reclusive authoress (Mrs. Oliver) is attending a literary luncheon when a rather brass woman approaches her and pulls her aside.  It turns out that this woman's son is interested in marrying Mrs. Oliver's goddaughter, Celia.  However, before she can allow that to happen she wants Mrs. Oliver to find out definitively what happened to Celia's parents twelve years ago.

You see, Celia's parents' bodies were discovered on their property, near a cliff.  Both had been shot and the gun was lying on the ground between them with both their prints on it.  Did the husband shoot his wife then himself or did the wife shoot the husband then herself or was it a suicide pact?

Mrs. Oliver has no desire to help this rather rude woman, but she is rather curious herself.  So, she decides to call up her good friend, Hercule Poirot, and the two begin a private investigation. 

I will say that while this is the third Agatha Christie I've read and that I would rank it third amongst the others...I didn't dislike this one a bit!  The girls at my book club said that was just a nice way of saying I liked it least.  Well, that's just not the truth!  I still liked this one, but it just lacked that extra bit of intrigue and interest the other two had.  I would definitely recommend it and thoroughly enjoyed this quick and easy read!

P.S. I've yet to guess 100% the ending of an Agatha Christie mystery...she's surprised me all three times!

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  1. I think this will be the one I try out first.



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