Thursday, February 4, 2010

PW Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

David and I had a couple of friends from church over last night for dinner.  We had fun visiting, then ate some spicy, tasty meatballs (recipe to be revealed at a later date).  Eventually...when everyone's mouths had slightly recovered from the spiciness of the meatballs...we had pie.  Very tasty pie.  And you guessed it, a Pioneer Woman pie. 

I don't have a food processor yet sooo... (can you imagine what one item on my wedding registry is going to be?)  When one doesn't have a food processor, what does one do?  I suppose I could have used my blender, but I always feel weird about using my blender to crush up things that aren't going be ingested by drinking.  Call me weird, but I just feel that way.  So, I busted out my trusty wooden spoon, put the Oreos in a thick plastic baggy and went to town.  It helped to relieve some aggression too.

It turned out pretty well, I think.

Below is the finished product.  And let me tell you, this pie was very rich and very good; there was not a crumb left on any of the four plates!  However, when slicing this pie I would advise slicing a half portion of what you normally would.  It's that rich.  If you would like to try this recipe, please click here for the PW's step-by-step instructions and printable recipe.  I highly recommend it!

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