Thursday, February 25, 2010

Big Changes Coming Soon!

When you start planning a wedding there are a lot of things to take into consideration.  Where, when, dress, cake, attendants, DJ, showers, etc.  David and I have had additional worries on top of these things.  Because we're both in our late 20s and successful professionals, there are a lot of things each of us already have that many young couples don't.  For example, when I move into his house I will need to get rid of most of my furniture.  We won't need two sets of couches...or two computer desks...or two bedroom sets...or four mattresses...or two dining rooms sets.  The lists goes on and on...making household consolidation interesting.  Luckily, most of his items are newer than mine and luckier still, I like his style!  Well, maybe I really like his sister's style!  She did help him pick out most of his furnishings.

The biggie, however, is that we both own homes.  David's house is a pretty good-sized house for a young couple and will be fine for us...for now.  However, my house is what you would probably consider a true "starter home."  It's pretty small with two bedrooms, one bathroom and a single car garage.  I attempted to sell it and move into something bigger a couple years ago, but it just didn't work out.  Well, I had fully intended on trying to sell it again last spring, but David and I had started dating and he wouldn't hear of it.  He liked my house and said it would be a great rental property for us someday. when it comes right down to it...we're starting to question our real desire to become landlords.  My stepdad (in his great wisdom) suggested us selling it now due to the current tax credit for those purchasing homes as well as low interest rates.  These items really make it a seller's market.  David decided to discuss this idea with his dad as well.  And now...with both sets of parents in agreement...we've decided to take our parents' advice and, once again, put my house on the market. 

I'm kind of scared and not looking forward to constantly being inconvenienced with showings...yet again.  I'm already starting to try and go through all my stuff and get rid of things I don't want anymore (garage sale in my near future!).  Plus, I fully intend to begin moving one box a week up to David's starting this coming week.  That way, I'm not engulfed in a huge move in July and/or August.  For example, all my Christmas stuff and random attic boxes can go now.  Then, here in a few weeks (hopefully) all my winter clothes can be moved.  I guess, now I need to concentrate on moving pictures and other personal items as well.  Anyone who's ever tried to sell a house knows that you need to take down all personal items from view.  This is so that your possible buyers can picture their stuff in your house and imagine it as their home.

Basically, I just wanted to make this announcement so that it seems more real to me.  For some reason the decision has more substance and seems more final when it's actually written down and out there for viewing.  Please cross your fingers for me and hope for the best.  Last time I received a total of three semi-decent offers in the six months my house was on the market, which all fell through due to various reasons (lack of credit approval, too low, etc.)  I have an awesome realtor and do look forward to talking to her more often than the random email and facebook comment, so there is a definite upside (apart from the obvious monetary one).  Hopefully this time it'll happen quickly, after all it only takes one good offer!

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  1. First of all...I don't think you should take down all of your personal items. I've heard the contrary and experienced it...when a home has homey things the person can more easily feel how it will be lived in. Does that make sense? MUST tell me when you do your garage sale. Looking for some new to me stuff at cheap price.



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