Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Dave's Faves Shrimp Recipe

David's birthday is this week and we went to a restaurant on Monday night to utilize a "birthday coupon."  One of those "buy one entrĂ©e, get one free" type things.  Sooo...while we were eating we discussed the actual plans for his birthday...with his parents visiting and such.  Things like his mom making him a homemade German chocolate cake for this birthday cake.  Anyway, I told him that I would make his favorite meal that I make this week.  He has a bad habit of requesting his mom's recipes...the problem with this is that she tends to alter recipes.  Everyone does this in varying degrees.  You might not add as much salt as the recipe calls might not bake it as long...whatever, some little alteration that throws the taste off juuuuust a bit.  And it drives David crazy when something doesn't taste quite right.  His sister has fallen into this "trap" from time to time and David always says, "This doesn't taste like Mom's!" ::sigh::  I refuse to fall into this no-win cycle.  We'll see how long my will power can stand up to this...

Soooo...David thought about it a little and came up with this.  I know...shocking...Pioneer Woman.  But, it's not her's a friend of her's recipe.  And this recipe has become a staple around here.  This recipe is one of the reasons why we buy shrimp in bulk at Sam's.  That and David likes to grill them out...I love it when he does that.  Molly does too.  See?

OK, you can always look the full recipe up via the link above.  But, here's a few pics of the batch I made up last night.  Sooooo good...

See those red pepper flakes...yeaaa, that was these.  I insisted last night that he buy another cayenne pepper plant again this year, it's come in really handy!  And maybe a jalapeno plant too... 

BTW, I didn't know until he told me last night that pepper plants aren't perennials.  You learn something new every day...especially when you're engaged to a Kansas farm boy.  He comes in so handy.

Here's the best part...I ALWAYS make mashed potatoes with this meal.  You wanna know why?  Do you see all that yummy saucey (I know that's not a real word) goodness puddling on the plate?  Mashed potatoes are excellent at sopping it up.  Mmmm...I love it when there are added bonuses like this in meals.

If you really like shrimp, try this.  It's wonderful.  Oh, and like always...I doubled the garlic called for.  What, I like garlic?  So does David.  Don't judge us.


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