Monday, March 8, 2010

You May Have Noticed...

There's a new button on the right-hand side of my blog!  As you know, I am a HUGE Pioneer Woman fan and have been a Tasty Kitchen member for quite some, since it started, haha!  For those of you who aren't PW freaks, Tasty Kitchen is her spin-off website that she created for regular Joe's and other food bloggers to submit their recipes to the wide, wide world for sharing and viewing.  You can give these recipes ratings and browse, browse, browse recipe after recipe after recipe!  That's what I've been doing for the past year or so.

I love this site, but I have to regulate my viewage...otherwise I'll print off 15 recipes before I even know it.  And the last thing I need to do is add to my "to-try" pile at an exponential rate like that.  Regardless, if you're just looking to peruse or you're looking for something specific, Tasty Kitchen has it. 

Today I went ahead and submitted my first recipe, it's one I've showcased here before.  I thought this would make it easier for readers to print out my recipes and give them a go without having to copy and paste into a document and messing with formatting and such.  And forget about pictures, that's more fun cutting and pasting and printing.  The PW has made this website so user-friendly that you can pick how you want the recipe printed and includes a picture as well!  I'm going to try to start submitting my recipes to this website and provide you the link for printer-friendly versions.  For recipes I've tried from other food bloggers, I will simply link to their page like I have been.

This may be slow-going because I don't know how long it'll take for the recipes to come up on TK.  The FAQ section says within 24 hours, but we'll see how it goes!


  1. Oh wow!! I love PW and I love trying new recipes!

  2. I'm a total PW fan, too! Her recipes are incredible. I usually substitute a lot of milk for the cream, though. haha :)



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