Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie

When I set out to make a cherry pie for my office's Friday food day last week, I knew I would need to make an additional pie.  Like myself, most of my fellow co-workers are not super fond of cherry pie, so I decided to make this pie.  Little did I know, that cherry pie would go over so well and I probably didn't need to make this pie. 

However, I really liked this one.  In fact, I preferred it.  But, shhhhh...don't tell anyone.  While a fruit pie can be very good, my favorites tend to be sweet and/or creamy pies.  David's favorite is coconut cream...we see eye to eye on some things.  In fact, it is almost impossible to make a dessert too sweet for me.  It's been done, but it's a very rare occurence.  Kind of like finding a cheese I don't care for.

To me, this pie's filling looked like exactly what it is...chocolate chip cookie batter...mmm...

And see how pretty it is in my beautiful pie crust.  Did I mention that this pie crust and the cherry pie crust were my first two pie crusts where I fluted the edges all by myself?  Yes, they are.  And they're mighty pretty if I do say so myself.  Though, the cherry one did have some cherry juice dribble on it...but, we won't talk about that.

And here's the finished product.  Yum...good stuff. 

And as a sidenote: there was no need for me to make any alterations in the above linked recipe, this turned our perfectly!

This pie is very, very sweet so if you decide to take it are officially forewarned!

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