Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Change For Today...

Today's post is going to be a little different than most of my posts.  It's not going to include a recipe, a book review or any wedding updates.  No, today I just want to chat quickly about a couple of organizations that I participate in. 

Yesterday I mentioned a little bit about Junior Hospitality Club.  This is the second year I have been a member of this great Oklahoma county organization.  Each year, the club reviews grant applications and votes on the grant recipient for the following year.  In addition to community service activities at various locations each month, the club focuses on raising money for this grant recipient.  There are two major fundraisers and the second one is coming up soon, Saturday March 27th. 

Chips for Charity is a casino night where participants pay $50 to enter and this takes care of their food, drinks and $500 in play money (for Vegas-style gaming).  A grand prize is awarded towards the end of the night for one lucky player.  Also, throughout the evening guests are encouraged to view and bid on silent auction items...all items in the auctions are donated from generous vendors. 

This is a very worthy cause because all of the proceeds this year will benefit the CARE Center.  If you are unfamiliar with the CARE Center please click here.  If you are interested in donating items or participating in Chips as a guest, feel free to leave me a comment OR check out the JH website or email us!.  Be sure and tell 'em Crystal sent ya!  Below is our poster for the big event!

Another organization I like to volunteer with, but do so only rarely is a group that my mother volunteers with regularly!  The Oklahoma Westie Rescue Mission (OWR) is an organization that focuses on rescuing westies (go figure) from puppy mills and other environments.  For example, many times when elderly owners move into nursing homes and assisted living facilities they can't take their "babies" them.  If these "babies" are westies or a member of a close breed (westie mutt, scottie, cairn, etc.) the Westie Rescue Mission steps in.  OWR temporarily adopts and actively searches for new loving homes for all "rescued" westies.  To learn more about this organization, please click here.

You might be wondering why I brought up the OWR.  Well, this Saturday is the Oklahoma City St. Patrick's Day Parade and the OWR participates in this parade to raise awareness of their organization...not to mention the fact that members get to dress up their dogs and themselves in greenery galore.  For the second year in a row, my mother and I will be participating in this parade.  My mother will be walking Lacy, her puppy mill mommy, and I will be walking one of the other adopted westies as many members have myriad westies.  I believe the original founder of this group has over half a dozen!  Below is a picture of my mother and I (and Lacy too!) from last year's parade.  Parade kickoff is at 1:00pm downtown, feel free to come watch the plethora of westies march!

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  1. Wow, I loved seeing another side to you, Crystal. You're one busy and active bee...a true contributor to society!



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