Monday, March 8, 2010

The Wedding

I was a bit absent last week, sorry about that.  I just didn't have anything to post.  Between my regular busy schedule and whatnot I didn't have time to read or cook.  Plus, it was David's week to cook dinner.  That bratwurst and banana sure was taaaaasty...or something.  Oh yea, and Mansfield Park has been kinda difficult to get case you've noticed my current read on the side of my blog.  Not the most riveting work.

While I was running around I did have time to listen to my then-current audiobook, The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks.  I'll bet you thought I was going to talk about my wedding plans when you read the title of this blog entry...haha, gotcha!

Raise your hand if you've ever watched The Notebook.  Raise your hand if The Notebook is one of those movies that you HAVE TO STOP AND WATCH if you're thumbing through the channels. 


Sorry, I had to raise both hands and that prevented me from typing for a minute.  OK, back to the subject at hand. 

The main premise of The Wedding is the story of Noah and Allie's daughter (Jane) and her husband (Wilson).  Obviously, this book is a semi-sequel to The Notebook.  Wilson narrates this story...about their marriage, their children, how they met, but most importantly the current state of their marriage after nearly thirty years. 

I have to say that this book was a bit hokey.  I know that Nicholas Sparks books are hokey and meant to be extremely sentimental, but this was was a bit over the top for me.  While I enjoyed it I couldn't help but think every once in a while, "a man doesn't think like that."  Women are known to always get caught up in how they feel and typically over-analyze things.  Men...don't.  Wilson definitely feels and analyzes things overly so in the book.  It was just kind of weird for me picture a man thinking that way...and even more so since I know the book was written by a man.

However, this book was a nice romantic quick read if that's what you're looking for.  I'll probably listen to this again some time when I'm feeling up for a bit of sappiness and a good cry.  David only heard the last 15 minutes and he was fake gagging...just to give you an idea of the sappiness factor.


  1. I loved The, about men and their feelings. My husband HAS turned into one of those hokey guys, so do they exist. I think it comes with age too. So don't be surprised if you wake up one morning and your husband is acting like a woman! I totally happened to me! LOL



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