Tuesday, March 23, 2010

No Cream...Banana Ice Cream

This isn't really a "recipe" per se...I've seen it posted numerous times on other blogs and even on Tasty Kitchen.  I look at it as a good way to preserve bananas that are quickly heading towards the garbage. 

Remember last week when I said that I had five bananas and that muffin recipe only called for three?  This is what I did to the other two...

Start off mashing whatever bananas you have in a container, preferably whatever container you intend to freeze them in. 

You like my lovely circa-1973 Tupperware container my mom gave me?  Matches the bananas perfectly, huh?  Haha! 

Then, then add approximately two teaspoons of cocoa powder for each banana.  I had two bananas, so I added four teaspoons.  Measure out 1/2 tablespoon of sweetener (sugar, honey, Splenda, etc.) for each banana.  I used 1 tablespoon of regular ol' plain granulated sugar.  Finally, a dash of salt.

That's it!  Now mix it all together, then freeze it. 

There you have it, quick and easy and tasty too! 

I will add that if you wait until the bananas are practically BLACK, that there will be a sort of "liquor" flavor in this treat.  I did this the last time and David insisted that I added some sort of alcohol or liquor...which, I did not.  Instead, this time I saved the bananas a couple days prior to their fermentation period.  Much better...though, now David won't touch this treat with a ten foot pole.  That's fine...more for me!

Also, if you insist upon a recipe to print, feel free to print this one.  I found it on Tasty Kitchen and the author has some nice notations/recommendations to go with it.

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