Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day all!

David got a jump on the rush and had these beauties delivered yesterday afternoon.  Already a couple of the irises are blooming and the tulips are just ever so slightly cracking open.  I love this type of bouquet and so does David.  In fact, we talked about it yesterday evening and he's bought me this exact bouquet three times now.  Because it's just so gorgeous.  Maybe in a day or two I'll share how it's progressed.

How we celebrate Valentine's Day has developed of it's own accord, but we seem to be running a pattern.  And actually, I believe his sister and her husband tend to do the same thing as us.  Rather than fuss with reservations and battle a crowd on the actual day, I prepare one of our favorite dishes at home on Valentine's Day.  Then, either the next day or the weekend after, we'll make reservations somewhere nice (usually a steakhouse) and go all out there.  It makes for a much less stressful (completely made-up and commercial) holiday.

So, what's on the menu for VD this year?  My spicy shrimp recipe with some mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli.  Yum!  For a refresher on my shrimp recipe, just click here!

Here's something new for us this year...David and I have decided to observe Lent.  First time I've ever done it...and we've given up desserts.  We were going to give up sweets in general, but David was concerned about how his syrup for his waffles would be judged.  So, we decided to qualify it as "desserts."  When Valentine's Day is only one day after Ash Wednesday, that makes it a little bit of a challenge.  But, I think we'll be better off because of it...though missing out on some delicious chocolates will be a struggle for us sweet toothes.  Or is it sweet teeth?  Haha!  Anyway!  I have Easter to look forward to, where I'll be able to scarf down a Cadbury of my all-time favorites!

Do you have traditions for Valentine's Day, planned or that just naturally happen (like ours)?  Or do you let this commercial holiday just pass you on by without a second glance?

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