Monday, February 11, 2013

Back To Reality

I love it when David's parents come visit and this weekend was no exception.  We visited, we feasted and we had an all-around great time.  While Donna, my MIL, and I visited on Saturday this is what the boys did...David's been dying to have a workbench out in the garage.  After gathering some wood and then a couple trips to Lowe's, alas the wish was granted.

Then, on Saturday night we went out to a local restaurant, Michael V's, for some delicious food.  David's work had hosted their holiday party there back in December and we had loved it then, so why not indulge a little again for David's birthday?

Once we were stuffed to the gills, we headed back home and each had a slice of David's birthday cake.  Donna created her famous rendition of German chocolate cake.  She used a cake box mix, why not?  Her real secret is her icing, which you can find that recipe here.  Seriously.  To.  Die.  For. 

And, as you can see from the bottom left picture, Molly was very interested in all of this kitchen hullabaloo.  Unfortunately, she wasn't allowed any because you know dogs can't have chocolate.  Oh well.

And my sweet MIL being ever thoughtful, only put pecans on half the cake because she knows I don't like them.  Isn't that nice?  Too bad that gives me a license to eat half of this cake...I can feel my butt expanding as I type, lol!

Extra bonus: you might have noticed the fancy shmancy cake stand in the pictures above.  This stand is part of the Fostoria collection I got from my great-great aunt's house this past summer.  It's the first time the cake stand got to be utilized in our household.  Fun!  AND I made sure we ate off the matching dessert dishes.  Extra fun!

Welp, that was our exciting weekend.  I hope yours was at least a fraction as fun as ours.  It's back to reality today, isn't every Monday that way?  And I'll be heading for the trails this afternoon to walk off some of this chocolate, coconut and creamy frosting goodness from my booty.


  1. The cake and frosting sounds delicious! I would love to have the icing recipe you mentioned, but the link seems to be broken (and I didn't find it with a key word search of your blog). Would you mind posting the recipe or the link again?

    1. Well darn it, sorry about that! I've fixed the link, so hopefully you can view and try this fantastic recipe now!



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