Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Funday-Crochet Edition

Happy Friday everyone!  Rather than have a regularly scheduled Pinterest edition post today, I thought I'd share with you my latest crochet project.  I mean, a ton of Pinterest pins are craft-inspired items and I do believe that crochet falls under that umbrella.

Let me start with saying that I've been making crocheted items for friends and family non-stop, and I've even given away a few of my first experimental projects to people that really wanted something I've made.  There's only one scarf in my closet right now that I've made.  That's it.  So, when I finished Lindsay's baby blanket I decided I was going to make something for me-myself-and-I. 

If you do anything crafty you know that it can become an obsession...and I'm beginning to hoard yarn.  Seriously.  It could be a problem.  A few weeks ago I went to Tuesday Morning and this happened...

Yes, that's nine skeins of three different types of yarn in my basket...just because I thought the colors were pretty.  Hopefully, I won't be needing an intervention soon.  Cross your fingers for that.

In addition to my Hobby Lobby standby, I love buying yarn at Tuesday Morning...because it's like a high-end Big Lots.  You get high quality items for a deeply discounted price.  Each of the yarn skeins I bought were well below 50% of their original retail price.  Score.

Previously, I had purchased some really nice Swiss mohair yarn (from TM) and wanted to make something cute with it.  I'd been browsing Ravelry (like Pinterest for crocheters and knitters) and saw a lot of cute shawls that were being worn and modeled as scarves.  And they were seriously cute.  And I thought, "Hey, I could do that."  So, I found a pattern that required one skein of yarn and went with it.  It took me quite a while because I used a rather small hook size (E), the size the yarn called's how it turned out.

This is a half-double crochet stitch pattern, for those of you fellow crocheters out there.

Molly seriously wants to know what I'm doing and how she can be in on it.

Here's how I intend to wear it, laid out.

I love the dainty scalloped edging.

And I took a quick picture of me wearing it yesterday.  Love it!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  We'll be continuing to celebrate David's entrance into this world throughout the weekend.  My in-laws will be descending onto our property in a matter of hours, looking forward to a fantastic visit!  See you Monday!

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