Monday, February 25, 2013

C-squared: a Concert and Some Crochet Projects

I hope everyone has re-acclimated themselves to weekday schedules by now...considering it's after 2pm on Monday.  Why do Mondays always seem to throw a person off kilter?  Regardless...this weekend was super fun.  I took a mini-road trip with my friend, Kelly, to Dallas where we met more friends and attended the P!nk concert.  It was super fun, even if Kelly and I did both have to hightail it back home on Saturday.  Here's a mini photo summary of some super fun times!  By the way, P!nk puts on an awesome show if you're curious...

While I was down there, I delivered a super cute hat to my friend, Denise.  After I made one for Amanda earlier this year (top picture below), Denise requested a "Crystal boggin" and I obliged, thought Denise's was more of a beret-style hat.

The central pic is Denise's hat about halfway through...thought I'd give you a better idea of the colors than the picture to the right of it gives you in the hat's completed form.  Denise was so excited about it that she wore the hat home after the concert.  I love that feeling when I give someone an item and they get so excited because they truly love it.

The left central picture is a cowl/infinity scarf I made for my mom prior to making Denise's hat.  She hasn't gotten it yet, but she's seen it in progress and I have no doubt she'll love it too.

Finally, the bottom central picture is a little bit...OK, a lot of a funny/gag gift.  I'll have to share the full story sister-in-law recently posted a picture of a baby beanie like this on my cousin, Myah's, Facebook page telling Myah that if she were still breastfeeding that she'd totally have one of these.  I commented on the post and told Myah that I could make her one if she was so inclined.  Her response was along the lines of a "heck ya!"  So, I whipped up this hilariously cute little beanie and mailed it.  The pic that she posted on Facebook is the bottom/last picture in the set above. 

So, what crochet project do I have going now?  I started a new baby blanket for my friend, Laura, yesterday afternoon.  She and her husband are staying blissfully ignorant of their baby's sex, so the blanket is a combo of white, yellow and green.  I'll post more pictures when I'm done!  In the meantime, I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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