Monday, April 5, 2010

The Kite Runner...Revisited

I actually read this book, The Kite Runner, a little while prior to starting this blog.  I want you to know this is a VERY GOOD book.  If you have a chance, read it.  It has some difficult parts in it, but the story is amazing.  And if you like The Kite Runner, continue on and read A Thousand Splendid Sons.  This book is the "male version" while A Thousand Splendid Sons is the "female version."  Both can be hard reads due to the content, but I believe they're important reads.

Why am I bringing this up?  As you might have noticed, I've been on a bit of kick where I'm trying to watch the movie versions of books I've read.  This particular movie came in the mail via Netflix on Friday and since David didn't want to see it, I had a chance this weekend to view it by myself.  Good, good, good, good movie!  This movie stays remarkably close to the book's storyline.  I originally thought it might be because it's been a while since I've read the book, but then I talked to my aunt (who had originally recommended and loaned the book to me) and she 100% agreed.  Now, the movie didn't get a lot of rave reviews even though it was nominated for some foreign language film awards back in 2007 (Golden Globes and Academy Awards).  I honestly think that's because over half the movie is in subtitles...but, if you've read the book then you know why.  This story primarily takes place in Kabul, Afghanistan and most of the dialogue is in Dari Persian.  Even if you haven't read the book, I highly recommend this movie...though, be prepared to read a lot!  The story is well worth it!


  1. You are the first person to ever say they liked the movie. I'm surprised. How did they handle the rape scene?

  2. Really? I've never known of anyone else to have actually seen it. The rape scene is very short, it's mostly just the bullying part and the last few seconds show what ultimately happens. And it's not graphic.

  3. Okay good to husband read The Kite Runner but I didn't. He said it was "difficult" and it scared me...but maybe I should read it!

  4. I LOVED the book. I have not seen the movie yet. After your review, I'm definitely gonna order it!



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