Monday, April 12, 2010

Hanger Snob

Everyone has something they're a "snob" about.  Whether you insist on buying all organic food or only buy Charmin toilet paper, everyone has something.  I'm just going to give you a sneak-peek into one of mine.  As I've admitted before, I'm obsessive compulsive about a few things...this is just one of them. 

Amongst other wedding plans, part of my time has been spent moving non-essential clothes and other items that aren't needed daily or at this time.  I've mentioned this before...Christmas stuff, winter clothes, etc.  I've also mentioned how reorganizing David's house has also taken up some of my time...that includes his closet.  Well, the master closet.  Soon to be "our" closet. 

As I was moving in wool blazers, slacks, hoodies, jeans and boots...I remembered my hatred.  My hatred for these.

David, like many other people, has a small collection of these wire hangers that reside in his closet.  I don't.  They're very flimsy, bend easily, cut into your clothing, clothes slide off them and and and and...I just don't like them.  I used to feel bad about not keeping wire hangers, but then I found a solution: my dry-cleaners "recycles" wire hangers.  So, every time I drop off some skirts, slacks or blazers I also drop off a handful of wire hangers courtesy of my last pick-up.  You might want to check with your local dry-cleaners to see if they do the same.

What do I use instead of wire hangers?  As you can probably guess I love using plastic hangers.  My closet is full of different variations and colors of these...though, they're mostly white.

I know this is weird, but I don't mind being considered a "hanger snob."  And it's not like it's an expensive indulgence...just this past weekend David and I bought some more from Target priced at $2.99 for a package of 20 hangers.

The weird things you do and talk about in preparation for marriage and moving in with someone...


  1. Ha ha! Wow someone that shares my obsession with hangers! I can not stand the wire ones or the ones that they leave on your clothes when you buy them. They have to be the plastic ones you showed. I am the same way with the kids hangers too! I think I might have a problem!

  2. Well, as 'mommy dearest' would say, "No More Wire Hangers!!!"

  3. lol! I HATE those wire hangers, too! I do have some because they're cheaper...but I use them to hang my least favorite clothes, and leave the nicer ones for the better clothes.

  4. whoops, sorry, that was me...



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