Thursday, April 22, 2010

Update Update Update!

Have you looked at my wedding countdown ticker lately???  It now shows less than 100 days! ::squeal::  Obviously, this post is going to be an update regarding the status of the wedding... 

As I type, my beautiful invitations are sitting next me.  My friend who is preparing them will be giving me the last section of the invitations tomorrow, the sealing stickers to be specific.  She does this on the side, is very affordable and does a fabulous job!  If you would be interested in contacting her for an estimate, just shoot me an email and I'll give you her email address.

As for what I have purchased since my last update?  Two of my flower girl baskets plus my "well wish" vases.  There will be a total of four flower girl baskets and I've decided for each of the baskets to all have a different look.  Therefore, the two I have already purchased are different brands and styles.  All of my bridesmaids are wearing a different style of dress (though, same fabric), why not continue the theme with these darling little baskets?

As for the vases...if you haven't heard of these, they're vases that guests put cards containing their advice, wishes, hopes, etc. for the newlyweds.  I will have a total of three.  The first one's contents we will read on the way to our honeymoon.  The other two will contain "wishes" that we will read on our 1st and 5th anniversaries.  These vases will be denoted as such at the reception, so if perhaps someone wants to wish for us have twins, they'll probably put them in the later dated vases.  Or at least I would hope so!  Haha!  I laugh about this...but, David's mother is a twin.

I'm currently patiently waiting for my monogrammed unity sand holders and engraved guest frame (in lieu of a guest book) to come in the mail.  I decided to go with the unity sand instead of a unity candle because I'm leaning towards the ceremony being outside...barring 115 degree weather.  And's Oklahoma.  There's a reason our state song refers to the wind sweeping down the plains.  As for the frame...David really liked the idea over a guest book that we probably won't ever look at again.  So friends and family will be using an engraving pen to sign the frame and we'll hang it up in our house after the wedding.

Wish me luck for the rest of this process to go smoothly and stress-free!


  1. I get to read my 5-year wishes in two months! It's been a long wait from the last ones we read 4 years ago. I'm hoping somebody wishes for me to drive a brand new SUV.

  2. You have such creative and neat ideas!! Your wedding will be beautiful and so special for y'all!

  3. Your wedding will rock out awesome. Most importantly, you'll finally be a Mrs to a very very lucky guy!

    All the craziness of wedding of luck!

  4. I can not wait for you to post pictures of your wedding! You are going to be such a gorgeous bride!!!



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