Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Secret Keeper

Hey, do you guys remember this?  I was so excited to get to meet one of my favorite authors a few months back and I finally got around to reading her new book. 

Ahhh...where to begin?  Like all of Morton's books, this one focuses on a female relative relationship...specifically between mother and daughter.  This book also likes to jump around in time, three specific time periods actually.  If you've read any Morton, this is no new style for her.

Laurel is a relatively well-known actress who has been called back home by her sisters to help care for their ailing mother, who is at her end of life.  Laurel is the eldest of four sisters plus a baby brother.  And Laurel knows a secret that she has decided to unravel before her mother dies.  This is a secret that Laurel has kept ever since the day of her baby brother's first birthday party.  This secret is that Laurel watched her mother commit a murder...but why?

Oh my gosh...this book.  I'll just start out by saying that I LOVED it.  I find myself speed reading occasionally and when I found myself doing that with this book, I literally stopped and told myself to slooooow down.  This book felt like a fine wine to me, I wanted to savor it.  Page by page.  And I will say that there are parts of this book that might appear to drag for some people.  I could see that, but I felt that they were imperative pages of character and plot development.  I was never bored and I was always excited to come back to this book and learn what happened next.  This will definitely be a book I read again and again in the future.  A new favorite, for sure, and Morton's best yet.

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