Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

Are you looking for a sweet, short novel that has a little bit of dry British humor that won't make you think too hard, but will still entertain you while reading?  Major Pettigrew's Last Stand is the ticket.

This book was recommend to me by my MIL, who if you've read this blog for any length of time will know is another big reader who shares her recommendations with me from time to time.  My MIL tends to really enjoy anything British.  She loves almost anything BBC puts out, loves the James Herriot novels, etc., etc.  So, considering this book takes place guessed it...merry old England was no big shock for me.

The premise of this novel surrounds Major Pettigrew, who loses his younger brother at the very beginning of the book.  There is a pair of very prestigious guns that are supposed to be reunited when one of the brothers passes...and Pettigrew has a small fiasco trying to make sure this happens.  As a widower, he also develops a cute, uncertain romantic relationship with the local quick shop owner who also happens to be a Pakistani widow. 

This book explores the social ramifications of an inter-racial relationship at an age that is rarely discussed, for most post-retirement.  It also shows what it's like to grow older and have the younger generation in your family try to tell you how things truly are, where you should go from here and, of course, how to live...old traditions can die hard.

I thought this book was a perfect example of what we like to call in my book club a "palate cleanser."  There was nothing overly dramatic and my heart rate never got pumping, yet I still thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It's very cute and Major Pettigrew's dry humor snagged a few quiet chuckles from me.  Overall, I'd say this book was good and would recommend it.

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