Monday, April 22, 2013

The Giver Quartet

I think most everyone has heard of The Giver.  It's typically required reading in 6th grade, so many, many, many people have read it growing up.  This is one of my girl's in book club's favorite books of all time.  Recently she heard about a sequel coming out...then when she went to buy it she discovered that this is actually a quartet!  So, she immediately purchased each of the three books she need to finish her collection. 

I had initially thought that I had read this book way back when, but alas I discovered that it was actually Number the Stars that I had read by Lois Lowry.  Another fantastic book and classic by Lowry.

I've held on to this series for a little while because I didn't have The Giver in my possession, I rented it via my library book app...which took forever because there was (of course) a huge waiting list.  But!  Once I finally got to read the first book, I quickly read each of the other three in quick succession.  These books are very short and most definitely quick and easy reads.  They have to be considering they're written at a 6th grade level. 

I really enjoyed each, though I will say that books two and three are more of a companion to The Giver, then Son ties each of the three stories together rather nicely.  If I had known this starting out, I would have already read Gathering Blue and Messenger while waiting for The Giver to become available...but, if that's the worst that happens to me this year, I'm doing pretty well.

If you haven't ever read these before, I would definitely recommend them!  There's a reason why The Giver is considered a classic!

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