Monday, April 29, 2013

My Fun and Flirty Apron

A couple weeks ago my mom let me have take a table for which I'd practically been begging for about a year.  Or more.  Seriously.  My craft room only had one table and it's really hard to keep a sewing machine (two actually), crochet and scrapbooking implements and a cross-stitch project stored.  All on the "little" table that David made for me a while ago, click here for that post.

Fast forward to last week, I actually had room to move both sewing machines onto this new, big table.  Because, let's be honest, a sewing machine needs quite a bit of space.  The space the actual machine takes up, plus extra blank space to work with fabric.  I was able to finally assemble a project that I'd purchased waaaaaay before we even moved to San Antonio.  ::wince::  Yes, I moved this project twice...and lived here for over a year before getting to work on it.  And it's not even that I was procrastinating...I had NO space (read: table) to set up my sewing machine in San Antonio, nor here in Tulsa.  Sure, I could have bought a big, project table, but those things are expensive!  And I've been shopping estate sales and whatnot for the past year to no avail.  This table saved the day.  Finally.

So, the back story to this project is that one day I was fabric shopping with my mother. (Obviously, this was before we had our current online quilt shop.) I saw a super cute apron displayed in this store and decided I HAD TO HAVE ONE.  So, I bought the pattern book and the required fabric. 

And it languished.

For over two years.

But, alas...I finally got around to it last week. 

And I LOVE it.  All the colors are sooo ME.

And I had so much fun making it that I've decided to make quite a few more aprons from my pattern book (including more of this design).  Having our quilt shop at my fingertips was a dream with picking out fabric for future projects.  In fact, I'd only intended to cut fabric for three or four projects...but, there were so many pretty options that we ended up cutting fabric for eight aprons. 

My plan is to see how these turn out and probably sell them on Etsy.  David's already telling me that I'm spending too much time up in the sewing room...oops!  Heeheehee!

P.S. I don't like to promote our quilt shop on my blog here because this is my personal blog, not business.  But, if you're interested in viewing the fabrics, patterns and other incidentals that our online quilt shop has to offer, just check out our website:


  1. I love it but you should've modeled it for us

    1. I totally would have, but it's hard to take a pic of yourself! :/ I bought a dress form last week though and it's supposed to arrive today, yay!



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