Friday, October 26, 2012

Becoming An Author Groupie?

Earlier this year I went through the long and somewhat arduous process of meeting the Pioneer Woman.  Because EVERYONE (it seems like) wants to meet her, the lines for her book tours are hours long and you, therefore, have to make a pretty big commitment to wait it out.  My mom went with me and we really did have a blast.  Luckily, the book signing up here in Tulsa included tasty food from her most recent cook book (the reason for the signing).  And I was able to get all three of her books that I own signed.

Overall, it was a super fun experience and I don't regret the long wait one teeny bit!

With the advent of social media, authors (along with any other society moguls) can easily share when they're going to be making a public appearance.  I've begun following a lot of my favorite authors (and other celebrities) on various forms of social media including my Facebook, Twitter and even Pinterest accounts.  How excited was I to hear that Kate Morton was coming somewhat near Tulsa, Oklahoma?  Very.

A lot of you might not be aware of who Kate Morton, I'll back up for a minute and fill you in.  About a year ago my mother was going on a trip with my step-dad and she picked up this book at a local bookstore to read on their journey.

She couldn't put it down until she was done...and then handed it to me rather forcefully and insisted I read it too.  Around that time the same book was worming it's way into my book club circulation.  This book is Morton's second and is completely amazing.  I highly recommend it.

Over the past year I've also read Morton's freshman novel...

and what was her most recent novel (released in 2010).

Kate Morton's fourth novel was released in the United States earlier this month and she has set out on a book tour promoting it...notably (for me) a signing in Kansas City this past Wednesday.  Kansas City is a short four hour drive from Tulsa and since I grew up there, I was more than comfortable with the idea of making a quick trip in that direction.  My mother, yet again, accompanied me and we even drove by the house I grew up in ::tear:: while we were there.

Kate Morton is an Australian author, so she's not like the PW...practically in my own back yard.  So, that was one of the reasons I was so vehement about going to meet her.  Who knows when she'll be back in the United States, let alone within four hours of my own back yard?  I have to say, she is the cutest little thing and I absolutely loved her Aussie accent.  And when she started signing books, I noticed she was a leftie! (notice the pen is in her left hand in the picture below) Who knew?  Must be where all that creative writing comes from. 

Here I am with Kate Morton and my (now signed) copy of her newest book, The Secret Keeper.  And yes, those are my other copies of her books in front of us, that she signed as well (yippee!). 

So, I guess you could say that I might be becoming an author groupie...hey, everyone's got their own "thing," right?

Be looking for my review of The Secret Keeper, coming soon!  By the way, if you want to give one of Morton's books a try, I suggest beginning with The Forgotten has been my favorite thus far.

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  1. Thank your mom for introducing us to this fantastic author! She is easily a fave!



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