Monday, August 20, 2012

Night Road

I've alluded before about how my book club has become a tad obsessed with Kristin Hannah books.  The fact of the matter is that they tend to be so good that you just want to keep picking one up after another.  But, if I have to be completely honest, this book was not my favorite Hannah work.  The writing is typical Kristin Hannah perfection, but I felt the story was a bit predictable in a few aspects. 

The main premise surrounds a young girl, Lexi, who is new in town and desperately needs a good friend.  Lexi is the daughter of a deceased drug addict and has made her way through the foster care system.  Luckily, she stumbles into a friendship with Mia one day during the lunch period.  Mia is kinda nerdy and also happens to be a fraternal twin to Zach, the most popular and attractive boy in school. 

The twins have an over-protective mom, Jude, who also plays a major part in this story.  Once the girls become acquainted, Jude pulls Lexi aside to make sure that Lexi truly wants to be Mia's friend.  The previous year another girl had befriended Mia in an attempt to get an inside track into Zach's love life and the situation had turned out poorly...mostly for Mia.  However, Lexi has no real interest in Zach, other than the fact that he was very nice to her on her first day of school.  Because she's been alerted to this emotional weakness on Mia's part, Lexi makes a point to avoid Zach in most situations...she truly wants to be Mia's best friend forever.

The story evolves into an in-depth relationship between these three teenagers as well as their relationships with Jude.  There is a TON of foreshadowing involving drinking and, you have a pretty good idea where this story is going to go.  Without going into too much detail, there is a tragedy that strikes and how everyone reacts to this tragedy is almost as tragic as the event itself.  With that being said, the ending does come out on as positive a note as it possibly can; this book isn't a complete downer.

I would still definitely recommend this book, simply because it's well written and I tend to love Hannah's writing style.  But, if you're wanting one of Kristin Hannah's best books, I'd probably have a couple of other recommendations to give you above and beyond this one.

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