Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Between Two Worlds: My Life and Captivity in Iran

You probably remember the national news story back in 2009 that was on every news station regarding the American journalist held captive in an Iranian prison?  Roxana Saberi was and is that American journalist.  Saberi was born to an Iranian father and Japanese mother and was raised in Fargo, North Dakota.  As you can probably tell from the cover, she's gorgeous and was even Miss North Dakota in 1997.  She went on to the Miss America pageant and made it into the top ten finalist ring.

But, Saberi's true passion was journalism and in 2003 she moved, temporarily, to Iran to be a journalist and write a book on what living in Iran was truly like.  She planned to publish this book in America, so that Americans could read it and get a true understanding of this culture.  Shortly before Saberi was intending to return to American, she was detained by Iranian authorities.  Saberi had already suspected that she was being monitored by the authorities...this was confirmed during her capture. 

I don't want to go a lot into what occurred during her containment, other than to say that she is an extremely strong woman who underwent major psychological torture.  There were a couple times when I asked myself if I would have done the same things as her in the same circumstances.  In a couple places within the text you're thinking, "No, no, no!  Don't do it!"  However, you could never really know unless you were put in the same predicament.  And I, hopefully, will never have to undergo what she did.

I highly recommend this autobiography covering this time period in Roxana Saberi's life and captivity in Iran.  And I would also recommend buying (or borrowing) it in audio version.  The copy I own is and at the conclusion of the book there is a beautiful recording piece that Saberi composed and performed herself after her ordeal. 

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  1. I can't wait for this to make its way around our club. It sounds fantastic.



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