Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghosts Among Us

In my book club, I am being inundated with everyone's favorite books.  This book is one that a few of the girls absolutely love, so it was lovingly forced upon me. 

I'm one of those people that doesn't know what to think about ghosts or the supernatural.  I have instances where I think, "OK, maaaaaybe that could be a ghost" and then other times I'm like, "No way, that's rubbish."  But, I don't have a very strong feeling in either direction.  Sure, I'd love to think that our loving relatives are still with us, but I'm just not convinced.  I guess that's because I'm one of those people that have to see something to believe it.  And ghosts aren't (at least, typically) visible.

This book was very interesting and written like a manual of sorts.  I found the stories entertaining and, for the most part, uplifting.  I'm still unsure how I feel about ghosts, in general, but if they are least now I have more in depth knowledge!

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