Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Breaking Dawn

I have officially finished the Twilight series!  And I have to say that I love, love, loved them!  In the beginning, I was one of those people.  I didn't want to read about vampires nor did I want to read some teeny bopper series.  But, in the end my arm was twisted, I was wrestled to the ground...and it was forced upon me. 

When I first read Twilight, I literally wanted to get my red pen out and start making corrections to grammar...but, I will admit that the way the story is woven and develops...that makes it totally worth reading through the grammatical errors and redundant vocabulary.  Plus, New Moon wasn't as bad...and I hardly noticed errors by the time I got to Eclipse and Breaking Dawn.  I think Meyer got a better editor.

Throughout the series, I have been a Jacob fan...always a loyal member of Team Jacob.  In Breaking Dawn he did annoy me a couple times with his whining, but in the end I'm happy with how the situation turned out.  There were definitely a couple times that I was thinking, "Seriously, is this really happening?!"  Totally thinking that the story was going south.  But, little did I know that Stephanie Meyer had it all figured out.  She went from left field, all the way to right field and then came back home...literally wrapping everything up in a big, fat bow...then, she even plopped a cherry on top!  I loved it and will definitely be reading through the entire series again before the first installment of the Breaking Dawn movie comes out next year. 

I can't wait!!

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  1. I am so glad you liked them. I hate to argue with you though...I am a Team Edward fan and think he has it all goin' on...but I guess we can still be friends. ;)



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