Monday, October 18, 2010


In the book club I have recently joined, we don't read the same thing each month.  Instead, each girl brings whatever books they have read that month and we take turns sharing the books and lending out the really good ones.  This way the "duds" get discarded and you don't waste as much time (and money) on so-so books.  I love this about my book club and have read some books that I have really enjoyed.  Plus, I've lent out some of my favorites.  Currently, my favorite book of all time is on it's first rotation, The Thirteenth Tale.  If you haven't read it yet...well, you should.

Fallen is a book that was rotated to me by my friend, Natalie.  She really liked it and wanted to get this series started amongst our club.  I read this book in a little under three days.  Partly because the print is very large and partly because it is a young adult novel, targeted at teeny boppers.  Needless to say, it was a quick and easy peasy read.  I enjoyed and am looking forward to reading the second installment, Torment.

The basic gist of the story is that Luce, the protaganist, is sent to the reform school of Sword & Cross.  You learn the reason why Luce is there has to do with the suspicious death of her prior love interest.  Daniel Grigori, Luce's new love interest at Sword & Cross, treats her with disdain and irritation.  Yet, she can't keep her mind off of this fate?  Why is she constantly compelled to be around him and if she's not, think of him?  You begin to understand why at the end of the story...

I felt that this story was a cross between Twilight and perhaps Angelology?  Others have told me that it has a My Name is Memory twist to it as well.  I haven't read that yet, but perhaps...I currently have that one borrowed as well, so I'll be writing a review on it soon!  Although, this book is not as well written as the two mentioned above (storyline-wise) I do admit that I enjoyed it and look forward to Torment!

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