Thursday, January 3, 2013


Like I foreshadowed in my last post, I wasn't able to blog for Christmas...or, as it turned out, for New Year's either.  This time of year is so hectic and the time for fellowshipping with friends and family lasted even longer than ever. 

This year was the first year that David and I attempted to host Christmas.  So, David's family drove in on Christmas Eve and my father drove in as well.  We had some nasty weather predicted and while my mom and step-dad as well as my aunt and grandma were going to come as just didn't work out.  My step-dad had a nasty cold (remember the one I mentioned getting earlier...yea, that one), so it was best for them to stay home.  Then, the dangerous weather managed to keep my aunt and grandma in Norman on Christmas Day.  No worries, we still had a fantastic time in this Tulsa household...which got zero bad weather, mind you.  It all managed to stay south of us.

Funnily enough, I had planned on setting two tables (dining room and breakfast nook) and only had to set one.  This made it easier to fellowship and I really enjoyed preparing and serving the meal (though my MIL and SIL did their fair share of helping in the kitchen).  I really went all out and served the meal on our china, crystal serving pieces and we ate with family silver that I managed to get earlier this year.  Kudos to my BIL who helped hand wash those items too, so it wasn't just the ladies cleaning up.

Sadly, I didn't take any pictures (I can't imagine why since I was running around like a chicken with it's head cut off) and afterwards David told me he was so impressed that he thought our table and the meal looked like something out of Good Housekeeping.  Maybe next year I'll slow down and remember to take some pictures.  But, I wouldn't have changed a second of the whole experience.  You regular blog-readers know I love to cook and I absolutely love spending time with, what could be better for me than this experience?  Nothing.  Though, I will say that I was completely and totally exhausted after everyone left...I had no idea how long I'd been going, going, going and going until I actually sat down 5 minutes after my in-laws drove off.  Phew!

After all of the Christmas hullabaloo was complete and everyone went home, my brother and his family ventured up from Florida.  I was so excited to see the lot, considering the fact that I hadn't seen them in four years!  Yes, four years.  It is so hard to see family (even siblings!) that live states away, especially when they're military and are constantly either on the move, deployed and whatnot.  Regardless, it was so refreshing to see them again. 

Their last day in Oklahoma they drove up to stay with David and I.  I really enjoyed their visit both in Oklahoma City and up in brother, SIL and I stayed up until one o'clock in the morning chatting and enjoying each other's company.  It was wonderful, I so wish they lived closer!

I did manage to snag a pic of our nuclear family minus my sister (who lives near DC) and her family.  I really wanted this for Dad and he was so tickled to get a picture of 2/3 of his family, all in one shot. brother and I don't look aaaaanything like my dad, now do we? 

OK, so my brother and his crew left, today is the first day I've had where there wasn't some sort of friend or family gathering (or us hosting someone).  I managed to get all our Christmas decorations put away (minus what David has to do for me) and now I'm finally sitting back down to catch up on reading blogs and catch my own blog up with this post. 

So, what does most everyone do this time of year (actually a few days ago)?  Resolutions!  I thought I'd share my resolutions with you.  I only have five, but each of them I am going to take seriously.
  1. Read 100 books within 2013.  I read 87 this past year, but in 2011 I did manage to read exactly 100.  I'd like to get back up to 100, but I'm going to blame Les Misérables for my short-comings this past year...that doozy of a book should count for at least five.
  2. Read 12 classics within 2013.  I managed to do that this past year, but only just barely.
  3. Read all of the books I currently own at home in my to-read pile...that's 53 books...over half of my reading goal for the whole year.  I have a really bad habit of reading books that are circulated in book club or that other friends recommend...and I don't read the ones I already own and are sitting at home patiently waiting for me.  Hopefully I can fulfill this resolution, but honestly, it's the one I'm most worried that I won't be able to stick to in the end.  We'll see.  I will not count any books I purchase for myself or are gifted to me from this date forward.  At some point, I think I might add a tab above to monitor my better way to fulfill a goal than to shame yourself into publicly displaying your progress, right?
  4. Lose enough weight to fit into both my favorite pants and David's favorite pair on me.  Both pairs of these pants I could wear prior to quitting my desk job and us moving to San Antonio.  I won't list a number because I don't feel there's a specific number I'm aiming for, I just prefer for the clothes I most enjoy to fit again.  I already go to the gym 3-4 days per week, but I need to step up my game both there and within the kitchen.  More cardio and less sweets!
  5. This one's kinda personal, but hey this is my personal blog.  So, without further not smell like a gym rat when David comes home for lunch on weekdays.  I'm really bad about still being in my sweaty gym clothes when David comes home for lunch (he eats with me most every workday) if I've gone to the gym that morning.  In my previous resolution, I've already told you that I go to the gym at least 3 days per week.  My goal for the new year is for my husband to see me clean and dressed both at lunch time and when he comes home from work...not just in the evenings.
Did you make resolutions?  And if so, what were they?


  1. I thought I was doing good with my 57 books...dang girl! You rock!
    I can totally relate to your last one...I made a resolution in Dec to not wear a baseball cap to work at all during the month. I swear I was wearing a hat the majority of the time and you know that means dirty hair!
    I love seeing the pictures of your family.

    1. 57 books IS awesome! I know what you mean about hair...the longer mine gets the longer it takes to get ready, bleh!

  2. Wonderful post! I will be doing my resolutions next week via the blog! And you can do all of those~
    Have a great weekend friend

    1. Thanks and can't wait to see your resolutions!



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